Wolves: 24 The Most Interesting Facts

Check out the most interesting facts about wolves for kids and adults who are keen to learn more about these mysterious animals. Wolves… Can smell other animals more than one mile (1.6 kilometers) away. Wolves rarely act aggressively towards people, but there have been cases in Alaska and Canada where they have attacked people. These Continue reading…

28 Facts You Should Know About HIV And AIDS

Statistics and facts about the world’s deadliest disease. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that weakens the immune system, making it harder to fight off infections. AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) refers to the most advanced stages of H I V infection. 1 in 5 people living with H I V don’t know that they Continue reading…

Brown Recluse Spider Bite: Knowing This Can Save Your Life

Brown Recluse spider is the most dangerous spider in the United States and it leaves in our houses and not only! Nikki Perez, 21 was waiting for her light at the Amarillo Airport in Texas when Brown Reclusive spider bit her to the back of her neck. Over the next few days her face swelled up Continue reading…

Major Events Of the Last Year: 2011

As an annual tradition, Google has made a video that represents all major events of 2011. Video below represents the most popular searches in Google around the world.

Fun Facts about Christmas

Find out who is Santa’s granddaughter, what was the very first Christmas postcard and other fun and interesting facts about Christmas holiday, X-mas tree and Santa Claus.

Christmas Depression Statistics

  Mental health charity Mind help an online poll where more than hundred people shared their thoughts on Christmas depression, stress and anxiety about repaying their holiday spending.

29 Interesting Facts about YouTube

Check out interesting facts about the most popular video sharing website YouTube.

10 Interesting Facts about Rhode Island Colony

Let’s go back in history to 17-18th centuries and learn about ten interesting facts about Rhode Island when it was a Colony of the United States 1. On May 4, 1776 Rhode Island was the first colony to renounce allegiance to Great Britain and declare independence, two months before any other state did it.

33 Interesting Facts About Blood

List of 33 interesting facts about blood will help you to learn about blood and why it so important for our bodies. 1. Blood is the bodily fluid that performs many important functions within the human body. 2. The color of blood is dark red 3. How much blood is in the human body? Human Continue reading…

11 Facts about digestive system

Interesting facts about digestive system What is a digestive system?

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