Suicide is ranked number 11 in the leading cause of death of Americans. Here are 19 facts about suicides and suicide statistics.

Suicide peak time

Suicide statistics # 1: Most suicides occur in spring time. Second suicide peak season is winter months.

Suicide in US

Suicide statistics # 2: There are nearly one million suicide attempts in the United States each year
Suicide statistics # 3: Suicide is ranked number 11 in the leading cause of death of Americans. According to research by Centers for Decease Control and Prevention in 2007

Number of suicide deaths: 34,598
Deaths per 100,000 population: 11.5
Cause of suicide death rank: 11

Suicide statistics # 4: Florida has the highest rate of suicide deaths over all states, followed closely by Texas.
Suicide statistics # 5: Rhode Island and North Dakota have the lowest number of suicide deaths.
Suicide statistics # 6: A suicide occurs approximately every 17 minutes in the United States.
Suicide statistics # 7: In the United States, there are more instances of suicide in the western states than in eastern states.

Suicide facts by sex and age

Suicide statistics # 8: When a male attempts suicide, they are at least four times as likely to succeed as females.
Suicide statistics # 9: Suicide is ranked number 8 in the leading cause of death of American males.
Suicide statistics # 10: Women attempt suicide as much as three times more often than men.
Suicide statistics # 11: Around 60% of men who commit suicide use a firearm.
Suicide statistics # 12: Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents ages 15 through 24.
Suicide statistics # 13: From six to ten thousand elderly people commit suicide each year. Most of them use a firearm.

Suicide by race: whites, Indians and blacks

Suicide statistics # 14: The highest number of suicides committed by whites followed closely by American Indian and Native Alaskan men.
Suicide statistics # 15: Black females have the lowest suicide rate among any other group.

The way suicide was committed

Suicide statistics # 16: Nearly six people out of every 100,000 will attempt suicide with a firearm.
Number of deaths: 17,352
Deaths per 100,000 population: 5.8
Suicide statistics # 17: Hanging accounts for about 1/5 of all suicides.
Suicide statistics # 18: Every three suicides out of 100,000 are suffocation suicides
Suicide statistics # 19: Every two suicides are poisoning suicides

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  5. Fact 15 makes sense to me. Most African American women are murdered by their crazy ape husbands before they have the chance to commit suicide.

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